With over 5 decades of combined experience in architecture and interior design, we’re more passionate than ever about inspiring and helping home owners create homes that enhance their daily lives.


At Living Radius, we’re best known for our architectural home designs in North and West Vancouver as well as Vancouver lower mainland and the beautiful Fraser Valley. We’ve also had the privilege to design homes and cabins all over Western Canada including Whistler, Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast, the Kootenays, and Northern BC. We care deeply about having fun, and about inspiring and empowering our clients to create homes that enhance the world they live in.

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Brian Uhryniuk | Architect AIBC

Brian is an artist who came to architecture with the desire to use his artistry to create beautiful spaces. After completing bachelors’ degrees in science and fine arts, Brian gained invaluable hands on construction experience while building homes. Following the completion of an architecture degree at the University of British Columbia in 1988, Brian worked as a project architect on many different types of buildings. In 2002, after discovering his niche designing homes, he established Griffiths Uhryniuk Architecture and Interior Design which is now Living Radius Architecture & Interior Design Inc.

A master in the creation of 3-dimensional computer generated and hand drawn renderings, he believes strongly in the value of showing clients what their home is going to look like at every stage of the design process. Brian always makes time for his clients to respond to and contribute to the development of the design.

There are few surprises for Brian’s clients as he is diligent about listening, taking great notes and following up to make sure that everything is accounted for in the design right down to the right door swing!  Brian recognizes that the smallest inconvenience in the final realized home is disappointing for clients who put so much of their soul, effort and money into realizing their vision.

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Kelly Griffiths | Architect AIBC+ Interior Designer

Kelly strongly believes that most people aspire to live in homes that contribute to the richness and meaningfulness of their lives. In her role as architect & interior designer, Kelly’s purpose is to help her clients uncover what kind of home they really want and to empower them to make it a reality.

Early on in her life Kelly developed a passion for beautiful houses and gardens. Following many inspiring years living and travelling abroad, she returned to complete her architecture degree at the University of British Columbia where she graduated in 1988 with the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Gold Medal Award for design excellence. After 11 years experience at several Vancouver architectural and interior design firms, she opened her own firm in 1999 and in 2002, she decided to join forces with Brian.

Kelly has a gift for interpreting her client’s styles and desires. She excels at leading her clients through a unique step-by-step decision making process to help create focus and direction.

With over 30 years of hands-on experience in residential design, Kelly is more passionate than ever about inspiring and helping home owners to create homes that enhance their daily lives.